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SafeNSound Notifications

Located on the top right hand corner of the Monitor Technician's Dashboard view. These notifications provide the monitor technician the electronic bedside requests to either admit, transfer, or discharge the patient, active communication with Care Team, patient activity, and patient orders. These are the 4 buttons shown below: 




  1. Activity: latest quick message status - accepted and declined. Messages can be cleared, or resent using a timer option, or chosen to immediately resend the message.
  2. Active communications: Quickly answer and end calls. For more details, refer to Active communications. Second click shows the call history by user.
  3. Admit, Discharge, & Transfer: manage notifications of scanned admit, discharges, and transfers. For more details, refer to Assignments, Admit, Remove, Discharge, or Transfer sections. Second click is the complete notification history. For more details, refer to Admit, Discharge, & Transfer.
  4. Patient orders for patient monitoring. For more details, refer to Patient Orders.
  5. Alarm review shows alarms pending review next to each patient on the Alarms Tab.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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