Admit a Patient In SafeNSound And Xhibit Central Station

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  1. In SafeNSound: Receive notification and select Admit button, confirming patient admission.                                       SNS_5.0_Notification.JPG
  2. In Xhibit, select the Spacelabs icon > Display Settings > Bed Assignments, and then assign a bed to unassigned zone. 


3. Discharge patient from previous device: 
• In SafeNSound, to discharge the previous patient from the monitor, accept admission notification.
• In Xhibit, to discharge patient from transmitter: open Patient Info view, and select DischargePatient_Info_View.png

4. Admit patient to new device:
• In Xhibit, to admit patient to transmitter: select a new bed > open Patient Info view > select Admit > scan barcode or enter ID from SafeNSound in ID 1 field > select Save.
• In SafeNSound, to admit the patient to monitor: accept admission notification.

or How to admit a patient using SafeNSound at the bedside monitor


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