Admit, Discharge, & Transfer Notifications

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Notifications For The Monitor Technician

Incoming admits, transfers, device changes and discharges for managed devices show as notifications within the Bell icon on the upper right hand of the monitor technician’s dashboard view. These notifications provide the monitor technician the electronic bedside requests to either admit, transfer, or discharge the patient.



To admit a patient in SafeNSound and Xhibit Central Station for managed devices

  1. Caregiver receives the order for Telemetry. At the bedside, caregiver opens SafeNSound on workstation and clicks the blue bed icon. Following the prompts, the caregiver scans device, scans patient wristband, ensures the room number documented in SafeNSound (SNS) is correct and clicks to associate the device.
  2. Monitor Tech receives the admission request through SNS (Bell icon on the tops right of screen) and opens the request.
  3. Monitor Tech (MT) now utilizes the Xhibit Central Station. If a bed is not permanently assigned to a zone, the MT will create the proper bed number in an Unassigned zone. The MT opens the admission page (Patient Info tab) on the central station for that patient.
  4. The MT clicks the ID 1 field of the admission page of the Xhibit and referring to the admission request from SNS and using a scanner, scan the bar code listed under the patient's name on the SNS display.
  5. Then, the MT clicks on the empty telemetry field on the Central station and scan the bar code in SNS, found under the Telemetry Device - to document the 4-digit transmitter number.
  6. The MT clicks Accept in SNS and then click Save on the Xhibit central station admission screen.

The requests shown on this image are showing on the monitor technician’s SafeNSound screens. The requests come from bedside scans that were completed using the previous steps.


  1. Admit notification
  2. Device changes or patient transfer
  3. Discharge notification

To move a patient in SafeNSound and Xhibit Central Station, Telemetry Transmitter to a Bedside monitor for managed devices

  1. When patient arrives on new unit, the new caregiver opens the SafeNSound application.
  2. Scan the new device (bedside monitor).
  3. Scan the patient’s wristband, and ensures the room number documented is correct.
  4. Then the caregiver clicks Associate. The scanning that the caregiver does sends a transfer and/or device change request to the Monitor Technician in SafeNSound.
  5. The MT can click on this request to open the details page.
  6. The Monitor Tech must FIRST discharge the patient from the Xhibit Central Station and then they can accept the device change/transfer in SafeNSound. The discharge the MT does from the Xhibit sends the admission demographics to the new bedside monitor the patient is on.

Notification History

To access the Notification History click the Clock Rewind icon in the top of the notification box. 


The Notification History consists of two areas. Pending (Notifications that are pending acceptance.) and Processed (Notifications that have been accepted). Any discharge notification requested by and accepted by Copilot Bot is a discharged processed by the system through the bedside monitor using Discharge on Standby. 


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