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SafeNSound Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is located on the top left hand side of the screen. Below is more information about the individual tabs located on the menu. 



Dashboard - Primary tab, used to manage patients, communication and notes. For further details see Dashboard.


Messages - Communicate with staff via Messages. For further information see Communicating Through SafeNSound.


Staffing - Assign Caregivers with current patients. For further details see Staffing.


Archive - Contains previous patient data from a previous visit. For further details see Archive Tab



Clinical Insights - Contains Daily Rounding and Device Tracking information. For more information      see Clinical Insights.


Reports - Contains Communication, Device Management, Patient Management, Alarm                  Management, and Staffing Data to make effective clinical decisions for both patients and the      organization. For more details see Reports.


Cockpit Dashboard- Cockpit dashboard provides a way to view patient vitals, waveforms, alarms and tasks on a bigger screen like a TV. It serves as airport view to keep track of beds and devices assigned to patients.


Administrator - Allows Administrators to make changes to the Dashboard, Facilities, Units, Beds, Devices, Settings, Monitoring, Users, Logs SAI, and the App Store. For further details see Administrator Tab.


Support - If a phone call is not necessary or preferred, type in your question, bug, or issue and communicate using our SafeNSound Support chat. If there is an emergent issue or questions, please contact the Spacelabs Help Desk at (800) 522-7025. For more information see Support Feature.


My Patient - Contains assigned patients being monitored within the facility(s). For Further details see Dashboard.                                    


Bedside - Application used on workstation at bedside to admit, discharge, and transfer. For more information see Bedside


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