Vitals Integration Applications

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SafeNSound Vitals Integration Applications

The Vitals Integration Applications are located in the App Store under Integration.


Applications used for vitals integration in SafeNSound are:

  1. Documents- The Document app sends PDFs directly to the EMR via HL7 or SFTP. For more information see documents.
  2. HL7 Vitals- HL7 Vitals by SafeNSound uses HL7 as an outbound feed that sends patient vitals to the EMR. For further details see HL7 Vitals.
  3. ROL Staffing- ROL Staffing automatically builds staff assignments from the role (ROL) segment included in an ADT message. See ROL Staffing for further details. 
  4. Live View- Live View allows caregivers the capability to view vitals and waveforms in near real-time on the web and mobile applications. For more information see Live View App.
  5. 3rd- Party Authentication- Add accounts to integrate with SNS from 3rd- parties. 
  6. Vital Sign Monitors- Integrates vital sign data from multiple 3rd party devices.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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