HL7 Vitals Application

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SafeNSound HL7 Vitals Application

HL7 Vitals by SafeNSound uses HL7 as an outbound feed that sends patient vitals to the EMR. HL7 Vitals is accessible in the App Store under Integration. To enable HL7 Vitals select the toggle on the top right.


HL7 Support Vitals:

  • HR
  • RR
  • SpO2


  • Mean
  • Temp
  • ART
  • ART Mean
  • Pulse Rate
  • EtCO2

Edit HL7 Settings


  1. Click the HL7 Vitals Application.
  2. Edit the following information:
    • IP Address and Port
    • Connectivity Status
    • Start
    • Stop
  3. Select save when finished.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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