Twilio SMS Reports Application

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Twilio SMS Reports Application

Twilio SMS Reports provides the facility with the option to request SMS reports for things such as device count, flagged events, census, etc. Twilio SMS Reports is accessible in the App Store under Reports. To enable Twilio SMS Reports select the toggle on the top right.


Notification Options Include:

  • Alternative Options Email
  • Daily or weekly frequency
  • Two configurable delivery times
  • Facility level notifications or department specific

Report Notification Options Include:

  • Device - options include, status, lost, available, etc.
  • Staffing – options include scanning compliance.
  • Patient – census.

Twilio SMS Report Settings

  1. Click on the Twilio SMS Report App.
  2. Select the box next to SMS Reports Enabled.
  3. Select Save.


P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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