Order Manager - ORM

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Order Manager assists in preventing patients in a select department or level of care from going un-monitored for an extended period of time.


SafeNSound Auto Orders allows you to select a "level of care" or "department" where an order for a patient to be monitored will always be generated.

This process is managed by a defined field in the ADT messages. An example area where this is used would be in ICU or an area where the patient is placed on a bedside monitor.

  • With the Auto Orders turned on, your central monitoring department will receive an order notification to monitor the patient.

Pending Orders

  • Orders on all monitored patients until assigned through bedside scan or reviewed.

Matched Orders

  • Orders that have matched to a patient through bedside scan or reviewed.

Reviewed Orders

  • Orders that have been reviewed as Duplicate Order, Order Error, or Awaiting Assignment.



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