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Administrator Logs Tab

This section assumes you are already logged into SafeNSound, have selected the Administrator icon, and chosen the Logs tab under the relevant facility to assist in helping solve potential problems for customers.


ADT Logs

Each ADT message filtered through the system is shown in this ADT window. With this log you can determine information that may help locate a patient’s proper ID or identify whether an ADT message has been sent. Thus, solving onsite problems and ensuring Mirth are not queued up and preventing ADT messages from being sent to SafeNSound. Mirth is a messaging software incorporated into SafeNSound.


Bedside Logs

The bedside logs show every attempted scan made through the system, including admits, discharges, and transfers. An error for each attempt is also logged, as well as the User ID, Device ID, and time stamps for effortless troubleshooting.


Orders Logs

The Orders Log tracks telemetry orders sent from nursing staff via ADT messages, conveniently remaining in the back end of the system until leads are connected to the patient on the hospital floor. (The order automatically associates to the patient, ensuring they do not go unmonitored)


Patient Activity Logs

The Patient Activity log shows every interaction with a patient inside SafeNSound. This log includes documented calls, quick messages, notes, rhythm interpretations, patients assigned to users, start of monitoring, etc.


System Audit Logs

Each audit conducted to verify conformity within the system is logged under this tab, as well as the date/time, type of audit, user performing, and details regarding audit.


User Activity logs

Information pertaining to each user logging in or out is shown in the User Activity log. This log also contains the Web Client and App Server utilized during activity.


Waveform Status Logs

This log displays connectivity status to all patient waveforms, including the date/time differential.


Waveform Logs

Waveform logs provide an overview of the connection attempts to the individual waveform streams from each device, allowing customers to easily troubleshoot device connectivity.


HL7 Documents Logs

These HL7 Documents logs shows the integration of semantic data communicated across all SafeNSound platforms.


XprezzNet Logs

Like Bedside log, XprezzNet logs list the devices accepting changes, such as patient admits, transfers, and discharges. However, this log allows success and fail information to be shown, helping to solve issues with devices falling off the network.


P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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