Staffing Reports

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To View Staffing Report

  1. When logged into SafeNSound, select the Reports icon along the left navigation bar.
  2. Locate the Staffing category from the report menu.
  3. Select the desired staffing report.


Caregiver’s Report

  • This report displays all data associated with caregiver events.
  • Determine workflow output for caregivers assigned to patients.
  • Track number of calls and quick messages per caregiver that were accepted or declined.


Monitor Technician’s Report

  • Identify data associated with Monitor Tech workflow and compliance.
  • This report tracks: admits, discharges, transfers, and manual admission for each monitor technician.
  • The report shows the number of calls and average call duration.


Physician’s Report

  • The Physicians report shows the data associated to all physicians within SafeNSound.
  • This report tracks number of orders per physician.
  • The report determines average patient visits, along with number of signed and downloaded reports by a physician.



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