Temporary Location Management

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Temporary Locations

Temporary locations allow you to track a patients' location based off simple manual inputs selected by the caregiver. The location is updated on the user’s dashboard, as well as the Card at the top of the patient’s Overview page. A timer also displays for the user. The Location feature is used to notify a Monitor Technician of the change in the patient’s location, without the need for a phone call.                                                                           Temp_location_dashboard2.png                                                         Cards_temp_location.png


To Manage Temporary Locations

  1. Select a patient.
  2. Click the + icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to open the Quick Links and select a location. 


     3. Select the patient's temporary location.

         New Bed- Select new bed if the patient is moving to a new room, but remains on the same                       monitoring device. and the device is managed, the Monitor Technician receives a notification to                 transfer the  patient on the central station to a new bed or zone.


   4. When the patient returns to their bed, the user can access the Quick Links locations again to select             End to the prompted question. The user can also hover over the location on the dashboard and click         End when the patient is back in bed.

Locations and Tracking Management 

For device tracking and patient locations, SafeNSound uses device tracking

from Stanley Healthcare.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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