Live View Tab

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Patient Live View Tab

A near real time ECG waveform can be seen on the main Dashboard. The Live View tab can provide a near real time view of the patient’s ECG and other parameters.


Functions of the Live View include:

  1. Displays near real-time of patient’s waveform’s, including name of feed shown next to each. Latest vitals are displayed on the right side, as well the time taken. 
  2. Select the Pause button in the top right to pause the waveform (pictured above).
    Once selected, the pause becomes a Waveform button or image that the user can click on to bring them to the Waveforms tab for additional viewing. Now from waveforms, you can create a Saved Event. Resume or un-pause using the forward/play arrow.

Users can customize their main Dashboard to either include or exclude the near real time ECG waveform.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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