Saved Events Tab

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Patients Saved Events Tab

After the waveform documentation is saved, the caregiver must approve the documentation before it is sent to the patient’s electronic medical records (EMR). This process can be customized to the account and their desired strip approval process.

To Approve the Waveform Document - Approval By the Nurse

  1. Open SafeNSound
  2. Select a patient.
  3. Click the Saved Event tab.


  1. To review, click on any saved event. 
  2. If approved, click Approve . To approve multiple saved events, select the checkbox of each event thumbnail from the main Saved Events page and then click Approve .




  • Saved Events that have been approved are marked with the approver’s username in the top right corner of the event.
  • A Print button is available if a physical copy of the saved event is needed.


P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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