Staffing Integration - ROL

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Staffing integration allows you to auto update the staff assignments in SafeNSound via ROL segments sent in a HL7 Feed. The MSH, PID and PV1 segments are required. Roles should be managed and assigned via the EMR or Staffing systems. 


NOTE: Staffing Integration covers roles and names, only.  Phone number integration is only available as a BETA feature. If interested please discuss with your Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM). 


Required Roles

  • Primary Caregiver - RN or Nurse
  • Secondary Caregiver - Tech
  • Charge Nurse - Charge Nurse or Lead


Seq. Names Req. (Y/N) Notes
01 Role Instance ID Y 2
02 Action Cod Y Up
03 Role Y "Registered Nurse"
04 Role Person Y UsernameUserID^LastName^FirstName
05 Role Begin Date/Time Y 20200720123205
06 Role End Date/Time Y  


Example Message

MSH|^~\&|EPIC|10|SNS||20200723075603|2436|ADT^A08|633702.27671068|P|2.3 EVN|A08

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