Waveform Printer Setup via Citrix

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Option 1.

Connect to the waveformprinter with a standard tcp/ip port instead of using the shared printer. Here is some generic instructions. Use this driver https://download.safensound.io/Waveform_Print_Drivers.zip 

Option 2.

Install local on thecitrix print servers. The disadvantage to doing it this way is we will notbe able to assist in setup or config changes without contacting FMOLHS.You can download the software here https://download.safensound.io/VPS.exe. The install is pretty self-explanatory. Choose a location to install toand uncheck any features you don’t need (like HL7). The pdf get saved to“C:\Program Files (x86)\Spacelabs Virtual Print Services\prints” if allthe defaults were accepted on install.


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