Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting

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Trouble Shooting

When the customer sees additional characters when scanning barcodes, the extra characters cause
failed barcode scans.

The failed scan has an extra character at the end causing the ID to be 10 characters long instead of the expected nine characters. (Red shows the additional Character, Green shows a successful scan.)


Using the example from the Customer site below.  (This information is available in the bedside log.)


The value shows 282358979W after scanning the barcode

The Patient ID is before the ending character - 282358979W.

To facilitate this process, we will need to limit the character count to 9 characters.


Changing the Maximum Characters settings (procedure below) resolves the bar code scan failures.

To resolve the extra character on the scan

  1. To resolve this extra character on the scan, open the application instance.
  2. Go to administrator tab. 
  3. Go to facility.


  1. Click edit on the facility.
  2. Click wristband.
  3. Set the Maximum Characters settings – highlighted in yellow. In this case set the maximum characters to 9 to prevent additional characters at the end of the ID. 


Explanation on the barcode programming

Barcode scanners can be programmed as well. While some facilities do this for other systems,
Spacelabs does not recommend changing the barcode scanner’s programming. If troubleshooting,
the best steps are to scan the barcode in SafeNSound and view it in the bedside log. Then change
the SNS settings to match, if needed. While the example below shows a "W", there have been
examples of additional numbers added after the Patient ID.

*** FYI ***

If you scan that barcode on a non-programed barcode scanner you get the following in Notepad.


If you can that barcode using a barcode scanner at the site you get the following in SafeNSound:


(this is because we remove non-numeric characters)

Therefor after changing the setting in SafeNSound to maximum characters of 9, the following is the result:



P/N 077-0725-00 Rev. A

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