XprezzNet (96190) Exclusions from real-time anti-virus scanning

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Find this customer note: 077-0647-00 Rev. A at: https://manuals.spacelabshealthcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/077-0647-00RevA-CSN-XprezzNet-AV-Exclusion.pdf 

1 Purpose

This service notice provides information on exclusions from real-time anti-virus scanning.

2 Solution

Real-time scanning by anti-virus software can cause file locking issues when the file is accessed. This can cause adverse stability effects on the system. Anti-virus exclusions are necessary to reduce the
potential of this instability.

3 Background Information

Be aware that anti-virus exclusions increase the potential risk of files becoming infected. It is advisable that regular scheduled “off peak” anti-virus scanning of the excluded files is performed. “Off peak” refers to periods of low usage of the system, and not at times of scheduled system backup.

With all anti-virus products, as a minimum make the exclusions below from real-time (on-access) scanning. Depending upon the configuration, some directories may not exist in an installation or may vary.
Additionally, the directories in this document reflect default installation configurations for the product and may not reflect the folder directories in a configured system.

Due to the variety of anti-virus and endpoint protection clients on the market, this list should not be considered exhaustive and other exclusions may be necessary depending on the level of customer configuration and customization.

This information applies up to and including servers running up to XprezzNet 2.0.2.

4 Procedure

4.1 Anti-virus Client Management Best Practices

Spacelabs recommends the following best practices for installing and upgrading anti-virus clients on XprezzNet servers.

  • If possible, have anti-virus clients be updated manually to avoid upgrades from being forced onto the system.
  • Plan for system downtime whenever anti-virus client installs or upgrades require a server reboot as part of the organization’s change control procedures.

4.2 Xprezznet Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Microsoft Windows Server 2016
• C:\ProgramData\Spacelabs\SLNI
• C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XprezzNet
• C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XprezzNetAdmin

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