Spacelabs Enterprise Cockpit

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Spacelabs Enterprise Cockpit allows any caregiver to customize any secondary display with near real-time patient monitoring information. The Spacelabs Enterprise Cockpit supports up to 50 near real-time patient zones that can display one near real-time waveform, HR, Respirations, SpO2, NIBP or ART values. The Cockpit also supports Alarm Review for retrospective alarm management based on your alarm review policies. 


The Spacelabs Enterprise Cockpit should be configured on a standalone device. The Cockpit desktop app should be installed on such device and configured to auto launch on start up. Once configured it is recommend that you remove or store out of reach any input devices such as a mouse and/or keyboard. Customizing the view will all be controlled in the Cockpit Configurated located in CWP. To control the configuration login into CWP and click on the Cockpit icon. From there you can manage the configuration and enter the 7 digit code displayed on the standalone display. Enter this code will update the Cockpit.

    • Vitals ONLY: 55 Patient Zones
    • Waveforms ONLY: 50 Patient Zones
    • Vitals & Waveforms: 35 Patient Zones 

Hardware Requirement

Your computer requires these minimum resources to run the application suite:

  • 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Intel Core i5 9th Gen 2.9 Ghz or Greater
  • A minimum of 16GB RAM for Workstations with Live Waveforms
  • A minimum of 250 Mbytes available disk space
  • 1920x1080 or higher resolution with 256 colors minimum

NOTE: Additional right sizing may be required if other applications are used.



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