Quick Messaging

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Quick Messaging For The Monitor Technician

Quick Messaging can be accessed by clicking on the Care Team Tab. Quick Messaging allows a click feature to send an automated message to a caregiver. Customization is available with quick messages to send to either a secondary caregiver or primary caregiver first based on the message. Quick messages may be set up to roll over to another caregiver (or more than one additional caregiver), if the first caregiver declines or is not able to acknowledge the message.


Sending A Quick Message

Once a Quick Message has been sent, the Send button changes to Resend in the Quick Message Activity log, and a reminder timer appears below the quick message that was sent letting the sender know how long it has been since the last quick message of the same type was sent.


When a message has been sent, in the Quick Message Activity icon, the Send button changes to Resend as well as a reminder timer below the button shows, letting you know how long ago the message had been sent, and since the last quick message of the same type was sent.

Quick Message Activity

  • For every quick message, the caregiver staff has the options to decline, repeat the message, or auto dial call back. An acceptance of the message automatically occurs if the caregiver answers the call, hears the message, and then hangs up.
  • In the event a quick message is accepted, a notification shows to the sender confirming acceptance by the caregiver.
  • Upon decline or no answer, the response also is noted in the Quick Message Activity area with an option to resend the message immediately, or in the specific amount of time selected.
  • Resend timer automatically attempts the same message on a time that you select. Options for resending a message includes: 5-, 10-, 30-minutes, or 1-hour.

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