Document Integration App

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Documents Application

The Document app sends PDFs directly to the EMR via HL7 or SFTP. The SafeNSound Documents application can be accessed under Integration in the App Store under the Administrator Tab. 


Configuration Setup


  1. Under the Type Settings select the following configuration settings.
  2. Under Integration Type, select either SFTP or the HL7 by clicking either the radio buttons next to the SFTP or HL7.
    • SFTP - Connections to the SFTP servers are established by using Public/Private Keys Authentication. The hospital accesses the generated PDF files stored on the SafeNSound system. The hospital is responsible for the management of the stored PDF files. This management of files includes the process of removing, validating, and processing the PDF documents into their EMR.
    • HL7 - Connections for HL7 are established from the SafeNSound system to the hospital's interface servers. When an event is approved in SafeNSound, the document is sent with either an embedded base64 PDF or PNG file. HL7 has the advantage of sending documents in real time compared to SFTP, which has a polling process with inherent latency.
    • EMR select the type of EMR drop-down list.
    • Saved Events can be turned on or off using the toggle switch.
    • Patient Reports can be turned on or off using the toggle switch.
  3. Select Save at the bottom right hand side of the screen.


Rhythm Strips sent by SafeNSound can incorporate any data or fields that is displayed in the patient's detail screen, such as:

  • Patient ID1
  • Patient ID2
  • Patient.lastName
  • Patient.firstName
  • Patient.dateOfBirth
  • Patient.gender

SafeNSound Document Settings


Settings Include:

  • Include Measurements (Toggle on or off)
  • Include Rhythm Interpretations (Toggle on or off)
  • Include Notes (Toggle on or off)
  • IP Address and Port
  • EMR
  • Format (PDF or PNG)
  • Template (The template automatically fills according to the EMR.)
  • Connectivity Status
  • Save

Clicking inside any text box allows the above settings to be modified. When editing, any option is available to delete Settings entry. Save all changes.


HL7 Logs provides visibility to the message, as well as the acknowledgment. For more information, refer to HL7 Documents logs.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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