Twilio Application

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Twilio Calls and Quick Messages Application

This App is a third-party communication platform utilized to make, receive, and record calls to and from the monitor technician room. This App also is used to send and receive quick messages to and from the monitor technician room. Twilio is accessible through the app store under Communications.


Twilio Calls App

Creating A Group Call

  1. Click + to create a call group.
  2. Type in the following fields:
    • Notification phone number
    • Backup phone number (Recommended to be a phone number for a phone located in the monitor technician room)
    • Activate Text to Voice
    • Activate Central Monitoring


Note: Linked Communication Groups for Departments (Recommended for multiple monitor technician configurations. This will allow incoming calls to ring each monitor technician's station simultaneously.)

     3. Select Save.

For editing, select the Edit button next to any call group allows the settings above to be modified.



The Twilio Authentication settings are:

  • Area Code
  • Request Twilio Account
  • Twilio Account SID
  • Twilio Auth Token
  • Twilio Client SID
  • Twilio API Key
  • Twilio API Secret
  • Twilio FCM Push Credential SID
  • Twilio APNs Push Credential SID
  • Main Phone Number

Select save when finished.

Twilio Quick Messages

Twilio is a third-party communications platform used to send and receive quick messages to and from the monitor technician room.

Create A Message Group


  1. Click + to create a quick message.
  2. Complete the message fields.
  3. Type the message
  4. Type icon
  5. Select the First Notification (Primary, Secondary, Charge or Lead Nurse, Nurse Station)
  6. Select the Second Notification from the drop-down
  7. Select the Third Notification from the drop-down
  8. Select the device type from the drop-down options: Monitor and Telemetry, Monitor, or Telemetry.
  9. Select Save.

To edit the message group, click anywhere on the quick message allows the settings as well as the list below to be modified. Click Save after any of the settings are modified. For more information see Quick Messages.

Quick Message Settings


  • Delay or Decline
  • Delay to Speak
  • Record calls is a toggle on or off switch

Click save when finished.


P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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