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SafeNSound App Store

The App Store can be accessed under the Administrator Tab. The App Store contains Apps integrated into SafeNSound. 


Applications In the App Store Include:


  • Mobile Heartbeat- This App sends mobile alerts using quick messages to the caregivers that are assigned to monitor the specific patients. For more see mobile heartbeat.
  • Twilio Calls- This App is a third-party communication platform utilized to make, receive, and record calls to and from the monitor technician room. For further details see Twilio.
  • Quick Messages-This App is a third-party communication platform utilized to send and receive quick messages to and from the monitor technician room. For more information see Twilio.


  • Documents- The Document app sends PDFs directly to the EMR via HL7 or SFTP. For more see documents.
  • HL7 Vitals- HL7 Vitals by SafeNSound uses HL7 as an outbound feed that sends patient vitals to the EMR. For more details see HL7 vitals.
  • ROL Staffing- This feature automatically builds staff assignments from the role (ROL) segment included in an ADT message. For further details see ROL Staffing.
  • Live View- Live View allows caregivers the capability to view vitals and waveforms in near real-time on the web and mobile applications. For more information see live view
  • 3rd- Party Authentication- Add accounts to integrate with SNS from 3rd- parties. 
  • Vital Sign Monitors- Integrates vital sign data from multiple 3rd party devices.


  • ICSC Report- The ICSC Reports generates a Car Seat Study report using PDF. For more details see ICSC Report
  • SMS Reports- Twilio SMS Reports provides the facility with the option to request SMS reports for things such as device count, flagged events, census, etc. For further details see SMS Reports.

Locations & Tracking

  • Stanley Healthcare- The Stanley Healthcare tracking provides real-time location tracking of Stanley Healthcare RTLS devices. For more details see Stanley Healthcare.
  • Locations- Temporary locations allow you to track a patients' location based off simple manual inputs selected by the caregiver. For further information see locations.


  • Telemetry Discontinuation- If the patient has met all the policy rules for telemetry discontinuation, they may be removed from the monitor. However, these categories are only clinical suggestions and may be customized based on the facility’s preferences. For more see Telemetry Discontinuation.
  • Alarm Review- Alarm Review by SafeNSound offers the user a convenient review of patient alarms and waveform events. For further details see alarm review.
  • Tasks- The SafeNSound Task App helps you automate basic workflow needs by managing ICSC Reports, Save Events, and Alarms. For more information see tasks.
  • Auto Transfer- This features uses ADT^A02 messages (ADT Transfers) to notify monitor techs that a patient's location has been updated when the patient moves from managed unit to managed unit, managed unit to unmanaged unit, or unmanaged unit to managed unit. Notification only occurs if there is a mismatch when the message is sent.
  • Data Import- Allows you to import bulk data into SNS.
  • Feed Sync Reason- Enable the feed sync reason dialog when syncing a device. 

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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