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Managing Users For The Administrator

This section helps you manage the Spacelabs SafeNSound users. 

To add a user

  1. Click the Administrator icon. 
  2. Select Users tab. 
  3. Click + to create a user 


  1. Type and fill in the following fields:
    • User ID - Use the User ID that is already used for access on the SafeNSound network. Lowercase User ID is recommended for easier integration with AD/SSO.
    • Title (drop-down menu) - This setting is optional, but the titles are listed in the drop-down.
    • First Name - If necessary, the First name can be modified by the user once they log into the SafeNSound.
    • Middle Name - If necessary, the Middle name can be modified by the user once they log into the SafeNSound.
    • Last Name - If necessary, the Last name can be modified by the user once they log into the SafeNSound.
    • Email - Use the user's work organizational email address. Ensure it is accurate so the user can receive password reset emails.
  2. Select the permission level from the drop-down menu. Select the appropriate level access for the user. Nurses and technicians use Caregiver permission level. Monitor Technician's only need the corresponding access, which allow for an admit or discharge if needed from bedside. Manager access can create and edit users, grant facility access, and change permissions. For more explanation of permission levels, refer to User access and roles.
  3. Using the on or off switches, select and activate the following settings for this user. Customize necessary options per user, such as Reports Access, Recording Access, and Super User.
    • Reports Access
    • Recordings Access
    • Super User
  4. Select the effective Start and End dates from the drop-down calendar. By default, this Start date is the day the user's account is created. If the user needs temporary access, choose an end date here, otherwise, leave the End date blank if this is not needed. By default, the End date is blank.
  5. Select Accessible Facilities - Select as many facilities as needed to provide adequate access to the user. If nurses or monitor technicians are floating from site to site, grant multiple facility access.
  6. Select Active status (drop-down menu) - Choose the relevant option pertaining to the user, including Active, Inactive, or Pending.
  7. Select Save.

To Edit User

  1. Select the Edit button next to any user to edit the user information, above settings modified, and the listed settings below. Edit_button.png
    • Password- User's SafeNSound Password: An additional Password field is visible upon editing a user. This Password field gives the option to reset the password and email the new password to the user.
    • Mobile PIN- User's PIN Number for SafeNSound Mobile.
    • Signature - this profile setting is used for Physicians.
  2. Select Save.

User Access And Roles

This list is the access and roles available for users in SafeNSound.

  • Org Admin - The Administrator has access to most areas of the application, including the administrative area, where changes can be made to user's, rooms, devices, and communication groups.
  • Super Admin - The Super Admin can add or adjust anything within the administrative area of the application.
  • Bio-Med - The Bio-Med role has access to add and edit devices only.
  • Caregiver - The Caregiver role has access to view any patient and create requests such as admits, discharges, transfers, and location updates for the monitor technicians to know.
  • Manager - The Manager role has access to everything a caregiver has access to plus Reports, thus assisting in better management of environment, policies, and workflow.
  • Monitor Tech - The Monitor Technician role has access to manage patients in the system by accepting admits, discharges, transfers, and making or receiving calls via the Calls App.
  • Physician - The Physician role has the same accessibility as a Caregiver, plus the ability to sign off on studies.
  • SafeNSound - The SafeNSound role only has access to Reports.

Users Profile Settings

Within the User profile settings, the following user settings can be modified.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Email (work organization email)
  • Phone number
  • System Phone number
  • Extension
  • Mobile PIN (SafeNSound Mobile App PIN code)
  • Signature (For Physician use)
  • Special permissions (Monitor Technician access with the default at 14 hours)

User Profile Preferences

Within the user's profile is the Preferences tab. The preference settings are toggle switches that can be turned on or off.

  • Display - The Display setting allows the user to manage the application in a standard layout.
  • Auto-Open Bedside - This setting opens Bedside view upon login.
  • Hide Bedside - This setting hides Bedside view.
  • Theme - This option toggles the current theme between light and dark mode.

User Profile - Notification Tab

Within the user's profile is the Notifications tab. The notifications settings are listed:

  • Desktop Notifications (Toggle On/Off)
  • In-App Notifications (Toggle On/Off)
  • Delivery Method (SMS or Email)
  • Delivery Frequency (Daily or Weekly)
  • Delivery Time 1 (0:00- 23:00)
  • Delivery Time 2 (0:00- 23:00)
  • Facilities/Departments (Check boxes)
  • Device Notifications (Check boxes)
  • Staffing Notifications (Check boxes)
  • Patient Notifications (Check boxes)

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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