SafeNSound Reports

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SafeNSound Reports Overview

SafeNSound reports are simple yet powerful, arming you with all the right data so you can make effective clinical decisions for both the patients and the organization.

Click the Graph icon on the left side of the screen.


Report Selections:

  • Communications reports gathers the quick messages and voice calls details. 
  • Device Management reports include device tracking such as the location, and device usage details.
  • Patient Management reports are order details, flagged events, scanning compliance, and throughput tracking. 
  • Alarm Management reports are alarm summary, alarm by device, alarm by device - review, alarm modeling, general alarms, limit alarms, noise alarm, and alarms by patient (Enterprise licensing).
  • Staffing reports are caregivers, monitor techs, and physicians. 
  • Workflow reports give insight to saved events.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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