Manage Devices

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Managing Devices

  1. Select the Administrator icon. 
  2. Click the Devices tab. 


Adding a Device

  1. Click + to create a device. The Add Device window opens. 
  2. From the Add Device window, select each of these settings to add a new device.


    • License Type (drop-down menu selections: Enterprise, Professional, Standard)
    • Device Type (drop-down menu selections: Telemetry or Monitor) This type creates settings for telemetry boxes and bedside monitors.)
    • Manufacturer (drop-down menu selections: Spacelabs or Philips)
    • Barcode ID – The ID is located on the device to make for simple scanning.
    • Device Name – The name is located on the telemetry box or bedside monitor. The name typed here must match the name on the device exactly.
    • Unmanaged? (a switch to turn on or off) A device should be marked as Unmanaged if it is not going to be watched over by a 3rd user. If unchecked a notification is generated and requires a Monitor Technician to accept the notification before the patient is admitted to SafeNSound.
    • Facility (drop-down menu) If this is incorrect, the device would not scan.
    • Active? (drop-down menu options: Pending, Active, Inactive)
    • Assigned Location (drop-down menu) Assigning a location to a device allow users to locate a device.
    • Default Bed (drop-down menu) This option assigns a default bed to the device.
  1. Click Save.



An asterisk (*) symbol indicates that the information for the fields is mandatory.

Toggle over to view Properties or add a Stanley Location Device Tag ID.


  • When you perform these tasks, make sure that the information that you add, remove, or edit is correct.
  • Be especially cautious when you select Remove in the Edit Department window. Once a room is removed, Spacelabs SafeNSound does not access the monitors in the department for alarm reports.


To Edit a Device’s Properties


  1. From the Device’s tab, select Edit button next to any device to allow the device settings to the modified.
    When editing a device's settings, additional options include Device Subtype and Network/Farm ID. (The Network/Farm ID setting is related to the hardware bedside monitors. This data detects alarms and vitals from the device. The Farm ID is necessary for telemetry devices because the central station is part of a farm of other centrals. The Farm ID allows any central in the monitor room to detect a roaming telemetry device.)
  2. Select Save.



You cannot edit a device that is in use. If the edit button is dithered, that means the device is currently assigned to a patient. If you need to change something on a device in use, please contact Support.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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