Manage Units

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Managing Units

  1. Select the Administrator icon. 
  2. Select Units tab.


To Add a Unit


  1. Click +  at the top right hand corner of the screen to create a Unit. A dialog box shows. 
  2. In the fields shown in the dialog box, type in the Unit Name.
  3. Type in the Unit HL7 Name field.
  4. Select Facility from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select an option from the Active? drop-down menu. Options in this menu are Pending, Active, Inactive.
  6. Using the switches (slide either ON or OFF) to activate the following options for this unit
    • Early Warning Score?
    • Show Backup Caregiver?
    • Filter Orders?
    • Hide Department?
    • Not Centrally Monitored
    • Unit Name - Provides a name for the department, serving as a visual reference.
    • Department HL7 Name - Provides a direct correlation between the ADT messages and matching of patient data but must be correct for admits to function.
    • Facility - Assigns each department to the proper facility.
    • Active status - Shows the department status as Active, Inactive, or Pending.
    • Options - Allows customizing to each department, options such as Early Warning Score, Show Backup Caregiver, Filter Orders, Hide Department, and Not Centrally Monitored.
  7. Select Save to add this unit.


An asterisk (•) symbol indicates that the information for the fields is mandatory.


  • When you perform these tasks, make sure that the information that you add, remove, or edit is correct.
  • Be especially cautious when you select Remove in the Edit Unit window. Once a room is removed, Spacelabs SafeNSound does not access the monitors in the unit for alarm reports.

To Edit a Unit

  1. Select the Edit button next to a unit. Editing allows all the unit settings to be modified. 
  2. Select Save when finished.


Unit settings

Phone number format

  • Full Number - Provides a direct number to reach the caregiver and does not include an extension.
    Ex. Enter: 444-568-4528 > Dial: 444-568-4528
  • Embedded Extension -This will include a full number for the caregiver but has a formatting option to add an embedded extension within. By using this option, you can dial only the last digits, rather than a full number to reach the caregiver.
    Ex. Enter: 444-568-4528 > Dial: 84528 or 4528
  • Add an Extension - Allows users to enter a Primary number plus an added extension, while only dialing last add-on digits of extension to reach the caregiver.
    Ex. Enter: 444-568-4528 x 8759 > Dial: 8759

Add Or Review Parameter Defaults

Each department can have specific parameters shown in the waveform feed. Check each box next to the parameter defaults to display on the which should be shown on that waveform feed.

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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