Communicating Through SafeNSound

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Communicating Through SafeNSound

SafeNSound provides the monitor technician the ability to quickly message caregivers with just one click through quick messages, and also communicate with caregivers through quick click-to-call using voice over IP. The monitor technicians can also receive SafeNSound update messages, notifications, and communicate with SafeNSound Support.

Messages Tab

The messages tab located on the left hand side of the screen, allows for the user to connect with staff through text messaging through the SafeNSound app. 


Quick Messages

Quick Messages is accessed by clicking on the Care Team Tab. Quick Messages allows a click feature to send an automated message to a caregiver. Quick messages

benefit the caregiver by allowing staff to quickly understand the message, acknowledge the task, and proceed in a timely manner. For more details see quick messages.



Placing Outgoing Calls

Monitor Technicians can access and place calls by clicking on the Care Team Tab. This feature allows Monitor Technicians to place an outbound call to a bedside caregiver or anybody listed under the patients Care Team. For further information see Placing Outgoing Calls.


Call Status Notifications

Located on the top right hand corner of the Monitor Technician's Dashboard view. These notifications provide the monitor technician the electronic bedside requests to either admit, transfer, or discharge the patient, active communication with Care Team, patient activity, and patient orders. For further details see Call Status Notifications.


Urgent Response

Located in the Care Team Tab. The Urgent Response functionality allows the caregiver to send an immediate, multi-cast message across all caregivers assigned to the patient in SafeNSound. For more information see Care Team Tab.


Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes can be accessed under the Care Team Tab. SafeNSound Sticky Notes allow you to document common notes on the main patient list area. These notes are related to things that fall outside of the Rhythm Interpretations or a patient's locations. More information can be found under Care Team Tab.


Clinical Notes

Under Quick Links there is an option to add Clinical Notes. Clinical Notes allow for the caregiver to add notes about the patient. For more details see Quick Links.



P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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