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Patient Documents Tab 

The Documents Tab displays reports, such as the Infant Car Seat Challenge (ICSC), listing date/time, report type, status, and signed. The Documents tab includes a place to view and download patient reports and files such as the listed items:


  • The Documents tab allows the user to review previous events within SafeNSound. Within this tab a user can identify previous calls and quick messages under the phone icon.
  • The cardiac history icon displays the rhythm interpretations for the patient during their stay.
  • The clinical note history icon shows any note documented for the specific patient.
  • Patient Type & Status history icon display any change to the patient’s status, or type throughout their stay.
  • Flagged Event history icon shows the important items that were flagged by users throughout the patient’s visit.
  • The History icon identifies the Staff Assignments for a specific patient.
  • The Document tab includes a search function.
  • To create a infant car seat report, refer the quick start: See To create an Infant Car Seat Challenge (ICSC) report.


The reports tab shows report type, date/time created, status, and signature status as well as an option to review or delete the report. 



Tab over to Files, and all alarm changes are displayed and can be downloaded into a CSV file.


P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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