Care Team Tab

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Patient Care Team Tab

The communication module is used to contact a caregiver, place notes about an inbound or outbound call, as well as flag any important event. The Care Team Tab is located in the patient chart.


Placing Outgoing Calls

Monitor Technicians can access and place calls by clicking on the Care Team Tab. This feature allows Monitor Technicians to place an outbound call to a bedside caregiver or anybody listed under the patients Care Team. For further information see Placing Outgoing Calls.


Urgent Response

Urgent Response can be accessed by clicking on the Care Team Tab. The Urgent Response functionality allows the caregiver to send an immediate, multi-cast message across all caregivers assigned to the patient in SafeNSound. The message states Urgent Response (Bed Number). This message is intended to be used in parallel with the hospital's normal communication policy for codes, allowing for additional documentation benefits, and a rapid response. The Urgent Responses are sent to all team members assigned in the department. 


Sticky Notes

 Sticky Notes can be accessed first by clicking on the Care Team Tab and selecting Add Note to the right   of respected caregiver, then Sticky Note. Select save when finished. 


SafeNSound Sticky Notes allow you to document common notes on the main patient list area. These notes are related to things that fall outside of the Rhythm Interpretations or a patient's locations. Sticky Notes can be customized by your organization system administration and have maximum length of 20 characters. Sticky Notes cannot be manually entered but can be customized to the account.

Sticky Notes are a helpful feature, in providing extra information that is important to remember, although not part of the patient information such as SpO2 Only or Discharging Home. Sticky notes do not become part of the patient’s EMR.

Standard examples of sticky notes are:

  • Pending D/C
  • Refusing care
  • SpO2 Monitoring Only
  • Tremors
  • Discharging Home

P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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