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Navigating The Patient Chart

On the Dashboard, click or select a patient in the My Patient section to view multiple tabs within the patient’s chart. The tabs are listed here and shown in the image below:


  1. Overview tab is the individual patient’s home page which provides access into several different areas of patient’s information. The patient information includes the patient’s SafeNSound collected data, vitals (which can be zoomed in to view beat by beat), location indicators, saved events, and saved alarms as well as Patient Cards located along the top of the screen. For further information refer to Overview.
  2. Waveforms tab allows the Monitor Technician and Care Team members to view the patients waveforms and save any events. For further information refer to Waveforms.
  3. Saved Events tab is where the waveform documentation is saved. The caregiver must approve the documentation before it is sent to the patient’s electronic medical records (EMR).  For further information refer to Saved Events.
  4. Alarms tab shows each individual alarm is displayed for that specific patient. It contains three tabs: Limit Alarms, General Alarms, and Parameter Changes. These alarms can be filtered by hour (1-hour, 2-hours, 4-hours, 8-hours, 24-hours, or all) or you can search for a specific patient alarm using the search function. For further information refer to Alarms.
  5. Vitals tab includes vital graphs, trends, data resolution, the HR range, the respiration range, and an SpO2 histogram. For further information refer to  Vitals.
  6. Live View tab can provide a near real time view of the patient’s ECG and other parameters. For further information refer to Live View.
  7. Care Team tab is used to contact a caregiver, place notes about an inbound or outbound call, as well as flag any important event. For further information refer to Care Team.
  8. Documents tab displays reports, such as the Infant Car Seat Challenge (ICSC), listing date/time, report type, status, and signed. For further information refer to Documents.
  9. Timeline tab tracks user data associated to the patient, offering a timestamped retrospective view of events that have occurred within SafeNSound. For further information refer to Timeline.
  10. Details tab a user can view patient-specific information such as the patient's ID, first and last names, date of birth, gender, and location within the hospital as well as device barcode information and monitoring options. For further information refer to Details.

Quick Links 


In the lower right-hand corner a + sign, which provides a link to Quick Links option. Under Quick Links, the user can quickly create a note, update Vitals or MEWS, make a change in the patient’s location, or to access a report like the Infant Car Seat Challenge. For details, refer to See Quick Links..


P/N 070-2811-01 Rev. A

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