Planned End of Sale Date for SafeNSound Standard and Professional Versions

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This Customer Service Notice advises customers that SafeNSound Standard and Professional will not be available for sale after June 28, 2024.

Background Information

The Spacelabs Healthcare SafeNSound Standard and Professional are not available for sale after June 28, 2024. Spacelabs will continue to support these versions of SafeNSound for customers that are on an existing SafeNSound Professional or Standard Contract, for the duration of the contract. After the contract has ended please reach out to your local Spacelabs Executive to plan a switch to the SafeNSound Enterprise Cloud Platform.

Accordingly, the following part numbers will be withdrawn beginning June 28, 2024:

Recommended Action

Please contact your local Spacelabs Sales Executive who can provide information about SafeNSound Enterprise and explore which Spacelabs offering best fits the needs of your clinical environment.


Released 15 April 2024

The source of this article is the following software update bulletin, 077-0669-00 Rev A, released 15 April 2024:

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