SafeNSound™ Mobile 5.0.X Release Notes

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Mobile updates will be distributed by the hospital organization’s preferred choice of MDM Solution. This should be managed by the organization.


SafeNSound™ Mobile 5.0 contains a general rebuild of the mobile application with limited functionality

in this initial release. This version offers support for XprezzNet 2.0.1+ (96190) and SAI 1.1, as well as

minor improvements mentioned below. 




  • XprezzNet 2.0.1+ (96190) - Supports XprezzNet 2.0.1+ and is compatible with SafeNSound's subsequent Web App version of 5.9.0+. 
  • Smart Alarm Interface 1.1 - Modified to utilize and support SAI 1.1 functionality. 
  • Communication - Improved overall functionality of Voice Calls and Quick Messages. 
  • Bedside - Refined general performance of Bedside for the purpose of admitting, transferring, and discharging patients. 
  • Patient Data - Removed ability to select a patient and view corresponding patient data in this initial release. Remaining functionality will be restored in the next release. 
  • Patient Dashboard - Live Waveforms on the Dashboard are disabled. However, Live Vitals remain intact and update in near-real time. 
  • Also Disabled in this Release -
    • Messaging
    • Profile 
    • Support 


Supported Versions

  • Web Client - 8.0+
  • SAI 1.1+

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