SafeNSound™ 5.8.1 Release Notes

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SafeNSound™ 5.8.1 only supports XprezzNet™ 2.0.1 (96190) and requires that you upgrade to XprezzNet™ 2.0.1 (96190) before completing the upgrade process of SafeNSound™ . (Note: No data will flow into SafeNSound™ if there is a mismatch of SafeNSound™ and XprezzNet™.)  It is also recommended that you configure the new servers and have your Spacelabs EIM install and setup XprezzNet™ 2.0.1 (96190) before moving to SafeNSound™ 5.8.1.  This will reduce your downtime of data streaming into SafeNSound™. 

Build 3045


  • Tags Order Customizing - Ability to make Org level tags appear in customized order by dragging and dropping within Admin Settings area. 
  • HL7 Mockup Tool - Within the org admin tool, a dropdown has been created to allow selection of different HL7 message types. 
  • Bedside Scanning Compliance - Implemented scan auto-detection upon manual entry of  Patient/Device ID in Bedside, requiring user to input justification reason for compliance purposes.
  • RI Dashboard Filtering - Added text box and typing filter capabilities to the add RI feature on Dashboard. 
  • ICSC Model Free Text Field - Included an additional free text field in ICSC report for Car Seat Model. 
  • Special Permissions Logging - When Special Permissions is toggled on/off for a Caregiver, it is now recorded in the User Activity Log. 
  • Staffing Caregiver Types - Included a visual element to Staffing assignment by representing assigned caregivers according to color type. 
      • Primary: Blue
        Secondary: Green
        Other: Purple



  • Alarm Filtering - Resolved defect involving "All" filtering option not including "Removed" Saved Events when selected. 
  • Multi-Feed Saved Events - Saved Events containing more than one feed, will now by default display the feed with measurements attached in the preview screen. 
  • User Event Phone Number Formatting - Removed quotes and improved phone number formatting for user event logging.  
    • No Number = No Number Assigned
    • Dept Number = (123) 456 - 7891
    • Dept Number + Ext. = (123) 456 - 7891 x1234
  • ICSC Date of Manufacturer Limit - Limited the Date of Manufacturer selection list to display from the current year minus 10 to the present year. 
  • Voice Calls Report - Resolved bug preventing Inbound Calls from displaying on Voice Calls Report graph.
  • Twilio Call Groups - Added logic to auto-add all units to call group upon creation of first call group. 
  • Patient Archive Data - When accessing an archived patient 14 days after discharge, the following data should now be accessible:
    • Saved Events, Alarm Data (without waveforms), Patient Demographics, Timeline Events, and all documents generated during admit. 
  • Updated Error Pages - Updated 400 - 500 error pages to display one uniform template. 
  • Signature Box - Made minor UI improvements to the Profile signature box. 
  • Time-zone Dropdown - Resolved bug where attempting to update facility time zone does not provide a complete list to select from in the dropdown. 
  • Customer Page Download - Resolved inability to print Customer list csv file.  
  • Archive Grid Columns - Improved Archive grid by adding additional columns for Device and Unit.
  • Archive Diagnosis - Added hover ability on Diagnosis column in Archive so all diagnoses can be  viewed. 

Supported Desktop Clients

  • Web Client - 7.0.5
  • Mobile - 4.0

Server Requirements

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • 300GB Log File Space

Required Certificates

Self Signed Certificates must be generated and provided to Spacelabs in order to secure the connection between the Spacelabs Cloud and XprezzNet™. 

Rollback Plan

SafeNSound™ 5.8.1 would be restored to SafeNSound™ 5.3 and XprezzNet™ 2.0.1 would be restored to XprezzNet™ 1.3.6.


A 1 hour downtime is required for this update, however this downtime could be extended significantly based on the number of XprezzNet™ Services your organization uses. Users will be forced out and require to log back in once the updated has been completed. For enterprise customers, please email to request to be updated to this latest version.

Release Date: 08/14/2023

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