SafeNSound™ 5.3.0

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  • A-fib Measurements - Allows more than one measurement to be taken in a Saved Event for QT & RR values, which automatically determines average rates for patients in Atrial Fibrillation.
  • Removal of Caliper Measurements - Previously, users were required to reload Saved Event window to remove unwanted calipers, now they have the ability to remove all caliper measurements within a Saved Event via X button.
  • Saved Event Audit Info - Ability to view all measurements, vital values, alarm type, duration, and user audit info within a Saved Event.

  • Patient Dashboard
    • Redesigned patient row linking to take users to corresponding area of patient management window
    • Live Waveforms & Vitals on Dashboard to display specific color based on feed type. 
      • Resp: White
      • ECG: Green 
      • NIBP: Purple
      • ART: Red
      • SpO2: Blue
      • Temp 1: White
  • LiveView Waveform Types - Updated LiveView waveforms & numeric vital values to display specific color based on feed type. 
    • Resp: White
    • ECG: Green 
    • NIBP: Purple
    • ART: Red
    • SpO2: Blue
    • Temp 1: White


  • Order Manager - Includes basic UI improvements, such as adding of search bar and changing button types, with the addition of order match event logged in patient timeline. 

  • Calendar Dropdown - Improved overall Calendar component utilized across application, with the inclusion of editable preset start/end time text boxes. 

  • CSV Download Format - Resolved formatting issues with downloaded CSV files located in Archive & Device Tracking Report. 

  • Screen Zoom Saving - Saved zoom level settings in Profile Preferences will be auto applied every time the user logs in. 

  • Insight Summary
    • Manual Admits & Discharges - Resolved miscalculation of manual admits & discharges on Insight Summary by reflecting same data from Scanning Compliance Report. 
    • Patient's Without Orders - Fixed percentage ratio to accurately display out of 100%. 

  • Alarm Modeling Report - Logic count has been amended to accurately predict alarm modeling data for Ventricular alarms. 
  • Staffing Print Button - Resolved defect involving staffing print button not functioning for user's with patient's assigned. 
  • Monitor Tech Report - Average acceptance delay on monitor tech staffing report has been corrected to factor in accepted admit requests, rather than voice calls. 
  • Call Event Logging - Revised Voice Calls report to accurately log answered calls as Completed and not answered calls as Declined, with applicable recordings available. 
  • PDF Generation - Resolved inability to generate pdf's for super admin user roles. 
  • Saved Event Creation - Fixed error occurring when attempting to create & send Saved Events to the EMR, as a result of missing configuration in the database. 

Supported Desktop Clients

  • Web Client - 7.0.5+
  • Mobile - 4.0

Expected downtime for this update is approximately 30 minutes. Users will be forced out and required to log back in once the updated has been completed. For enterprise customers, please email to request to be updated to this latest version.

Release Date: 07-12-2023


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