Infant Car Seat Challenge (ICSC) - creating the report

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Creating An ICSC Report

The ICSC Reports generates a Car Seat Study report using PDF. These car seat reports are specifically for NICU environments. Upon approval the report is sent to the EMR.

  1.  Gather the following information:
               - Car seat brand, date of manufacture, date of expiration
               - Desired start and end times
  2.  Position the patient appropriately in the car seat and attach all the lead wires.
  3.  Log into the SafeNSound application on your workstation.
  4.  Admit the patient to the monitor using the SafeNSound scanning process.
  5.  At the bedside, confirm the rhythm is displayed and verify the appropriate alarm settings.
    • Spacelabs SPO2 – Turn off Limit Alarm Delay
    • Nellcor SPO2 – Turn Off Sat Seconds
    • Masimo SPO2 – Turn Limit Delay to Zero

6. Create any nursing notes real-time during the testing phase:

    • Access notes by clicking on the patient, then the Quick link (+) sign in lower right corner and Notes.

7. At the end of the testing period access the Quick Link area and select Reports and ICSC.

8. Fill in the data for the report timeframe and details. 

9. Click Run Report.

   10.  Notify the MD to the review and approve the report.


Released 29 March 2024

The source of this article is the following software update bulletin, 073-0516-01 Rev B, released 29 March 2024: 


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