Documentation Integration

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SafeNSound Document Integration via HL7 allows for documents to be sent via HL7 to the EMR.


The following document types in SafeNSound are supported:

  • Waveform Reports
  • Event History Reports
  • ICSC Reports

Document transfer interval can be set to the following:

  • Real-time
  • Upon Signing
  • Scheduled Task.

In most cases unsolicited HL7/ORU orders are required to be implemented on the EMR side so that each document can be attached to the patient record. 

The report format can be configured to be sent via file link or encapsulated PDF. Below are examples for both:


Example Message with Link to File
MSH|^~\&|SPACELABS||EPIC||2018||ORU^R01| |P^T|2.3||||||


Example Message via Encapsulated PDF
MSH|^~\&|SPACELABS||EPIC||2018||ORU^R01| |P^T|2.3||||||


MSH - Message Header Segment Field Name Content
1 Field Separator "|".
2 Encoding Characters Encoding characters
^ ? component separator
~ ? repetition separator
\ ? escape character
& ? subcomponent separator
3 Sending Application Default is "SPACELABS". Can be customized in template. 
5 Receiving Application default is EMR name. Can be customized in template. 
7 Date / Time of Message Contains time when message was sent (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS).
9 Message Type Message Type (ORU = Unsolicited Transmisstion of an observation message
^ Event Type (R01 = Unsolicited Transmisstion of an observation message
10 Message Control ID This field contains a number or other identifier that uniquely identifies the message. Default value is "SNS" + unique id
11 Processing ID This field is used to decide whether to process the message as defined in HL7 Application. "P" for production. "T" for test. "P^T" for test and production.
12 Version ID HL7 version SNS is compliant with (2.3)


PID - Patient Identification Field Name Content
3 Patient ID PID3.1 of latest ADT message sent SNS.
5 Patient Name PID5.1 of latest ADT message sent SNS.
7 Date of Birth PID7.1 of latest ADT message sent SNS.
8 Sex PID8.1 of latest ADT message sent SNS.
18 Patient Account Number PID18.1 of latest ADT message sent SNS.
19 SSN Number - Patient blank. SNS does not store SSN


PV1 - Patient Visit Field Name Content
19 Visit Number PID18.1 of latest ADT message sent SNS.


OBR - Observation Request Segment Field Name Content
1 Set ID - Observation Request "1".
3 Filler Order Number Unique identifier.
4 Universal Service Identifier Default is "SPACELABSSAFENSOUND". Can be customized in template. 
8 Observation End Date/Time Date/Time of the end of the event.


OBX(1) - Observation/Result Field Name Content
1 Set ID- OBX "1".
2 Value Type "ED" for encapsulated data and "TX" for text data.
3 Observation Identifier In case of Car Seat Study: "ICSC".
5.2 Observation Value "application".
5.3 Document Type "pdf".
5.4 Encoding "Base64".
5.5 Data Base64 String.
11 Observation Result Status "F" for final results.



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